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Your Ashburn Family Dentist Discusses Dental Implants as a Permanent Solution

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Last month we talked about a dental crown and bridge for tooth replacement. While dental crowns and bridges are a great option, dental implantsin Brambleton, Virginia are the permanent tooth replacement that is the most natural option and rarely fails.

Dental implants are one of the most reliable long-term methods of tooth replacement. An implant replacement tooth consists of several parts. First there is the dental implant itself — the tooth-root replacement — which is a small titanium post shaped like a screw. It is placed into the jawbone beneath the gum line during a minor in-office surgical procedure that causes only minimal, if any, discomfort. Titanium, of which most dental implants are made, has the unique ability to allow living bone to grow onto its surface in a process called osseo-integration (“osseo” – bone; “integration” – joining with), and in fact has a wide variety of surgical uses. It generally provides a solid basis of long-lasting support. Once the implant has joined to the bone, a crown — the visible tooth part — is attached to it, most times via a connector called an abutment.

Prevention pays great dividends in avoiding implant failure. Once the implants are placed, the ball is largely in your court. It’s crucial to maintain a good oral hygiene routine. Make sure you have regular professional dental cleanings to help keep the tissues around your implants healthy. Routine maintenance for implants is really no more difficult than it is for natural teeth. If it were, success rates for this life-changing tooth-replacement treatment would not be nearly so high. And if a problem develops, it is best solved by early recognition and treatment.

If you are interested in dental implants in Brambleton, Virginia, please contact our officetoday to discuss your options.