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With the start of a new year and managing our hectic schedules through all of the baffling life experiences that have been happening over the past year and a half, we know that many patients have been delaying their dental treatment for a variety of reasons. While we can understand that this is a time filled with confusion and uncertainty, we feel very strongly that you need more than brushing and flossing to maintain the proper overall health of your mouth.

Dentist showing teeth sample

Preventive Dental Treatment

We are all aware of the preventive dental measures we have learned since childhood—brushing twice a day and flossing. However, that is not enough to help combat complicated dental problems. The best way to avoid such dental problems is by practicing preventative dentistry. When we proactively take care of our teeth, we can prevent and delay the likelihood of issues such as decay, cavities, and infection.

We now live in a culture that is surrounded by a desire to prevent illness from taking over. In relation to the body, hand washing is extremely important to maintain proper health; however, it is also important to exercise, eat healthy foods, and visit your medical professional to ensure that your body is capable of fighting off disease, leaving you with a strong, healthy immune system.

The same is true for your dental health. As mentioned above, brushing and flossing is not an adequate measure for preventing tooth decay. Routine dental examinations and hygiene cleanings every six months are beneficial. We use the most current risk assessment tools and techniques available to monitor and prevent dental disease. We may recommend additional measures, such as fluoride treatments, fillings, or further plaque removal to assist with maintaining proper oral and gum health.

We understand that it can be a little unsettling during these times to schedule routine dental appointments. We assure you that we are still committed to the safety of both our patients and our staff and have numerous safety protocols in place, especially with the addition of our Surgically Clean Air purifiers.

When looking over your calendar, if you realize that you have not visited our office located in Ashburn, VA over the past six months, we encourage you to call us today to schedule an appointment for a dental examination. We look forward to seeing you soon!