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Stunning Smiles With Invisalign® in Ashburn, VA

Do you want a straight and uniform smile? Would you prefer to avoid wearing the wires and brackets of traditional braces? If so, Loudoun Family Dental is here for you. We are a trusted dentistry offering Invisalign® to patients in Ashburn, VA, and surrounding areas. Invisible aligner technology is among the most innovative and effective choices for correcting misaligned teeth. Our dentists provide personalized care for each patient, and we’ll treat you with the solutions you need to gain happiness with your smile.

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The Clearest Teeth Alignment Solution

Invisalign® gets its name because it goes virtually unseen while in the mouth. It gradually straightens and aligns teeth to the ideal position without wires or brackets over time. You can go about your daily life and smile, and others won’t be able to tell that you have an orthodontic implant. Invisalign® trays can also be easily removed, enabling you to eat or get photographed without wearing them. If you want to align your teeth without drawing attention to yourself, this nearly invisible solution might be suitable for you.

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Do I Qualify for Invisalign®?

Invisible aligners are a terrific option for straightening teeth, but they may not be for everyone. It’s important to note that they are not intended for children. Our specialists can evaluate your mouth and determine if invisible aligners are right for you. You may be eligible for Invisalign® if you fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • Adults and teens, or those mature enough to use Invisalign®.
  • Those who need slight or moderate teeth alignment.
  • Those with reasonably healthy teeth and gums.

Why Choosing an Invisalign® Specialist Matters

Dentists who are trained and certified in align technology generate the best results. Specialists undergo rigorous education and experience to earn their certifications. They are completely knowledgeable about the Invisalign® solution and provide patients with all the information they need. They can also properly diagnose a patient and determine whether invisible aligners are genuinely the best option or if patients qualify. The dentists at Loudoun Family Dental are experts in align technology and devise customized invisible solutions for patients daily. You can depend on us to provide the perfect solutions to align your teeth.

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