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Full and Partial Dentures in Ashburn, VA

Loudoun Family Dental will complete your smile with either full or partial dentures in Ashburn, VA, and surrounding areas. These solutions fill gaps left by tooth loss and enable patients to smile confidently. Our office comprises a compassionate, friendly team that is dedicated to our patients’ dental goals and wants. Our cutting-edge technology and materials offer you many customizable options for your dental solutions. We provide the most innovative flexible dentures and clasps to give you comfort and a renewed smile.

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Explaining Full Dentures vs. Partial Dentures

Every patient has a different amount of tooth loss. We’ll offer full or partial dentures based on your teeth’s specific condition. Here are the differences between full and partial:

  • Full Dentures: Full dentures are recommended for patients who’ve lost all their teeth or are close to losing all of them. Full dentures can be applied to one or both tooth arches, depending on the level of tooth loss.
  • Partial Dentures: Sometimes, only certain sections of teeth are missing. In these cases, we may recommend partial dentures. Partials are ideal for patients with moderate tooth loss and several intact teeth.
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The Primary Benefits of Dentures

Dentures will provide you with a smile you’ll absolutely love. Their benefits include the following:

  • Enhanced Oral Function: Dentures will restore your ability to chew, speak, and perform other vital functions with your mouth fully.
  • Mouth Strength and Stability: Tooth loss often weakens the jaw and facial structure. Dentures provide additional support and strength for your teeth and gums.
  • New-And-Improved Smile: Our dentures are customized to match the color, size, and shape of natural teeth. You’ll feel good about smiling again.

How Do You Apply Dentures?

Loudoun Family Dental makes the application process quick and seamless. We’ll start by examining your mouth with cutting-edge technology to assess its condition. We’ll recommend full or partial, depending on how many teeth are missing. If you only have a few remaining teeth, it may be better to have them extracted to make room for full dentures. If we extract teeth, you’ll need time to recover before application. We may provide you with temporary dentures while your permanent set is being made. After your permanent set is complete, we’ll carefully fix them to your mouth, and you’ll leave our office with a beautiful new smile.

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