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Our Top Brambleton Dentist Discusses Tooth Replacement Options

A lady smiling

When teeth are lost, they should be replaced in order to maintain good dental function (bite) and oral health. With dental implants becoming the gold standard for tooth replacement systems, more people are electing not to have bridgework — formerly the treatment of choice compared to removable dentures. Yet crowns and bridges may still be the best alternative for many people in certain situations. If you are missing teeth in Ashburn, Virginia, contact Loudoun Family Dental today to discuss your options, including dental crown and bridge placement in Ashburn.

A crown is a restoration that covers the entire part of the tooth above the gum line, similar to placing a hat on someone’s head; hence the term cap. The crown is made to look as close to the original tooth (before it was damaged) as possible. The majority of crowns are made of tooth-colored ceramic materials, which are shaped to look and function just like normal, healthy teeth.

In some cases, a hopelessly damaged tooth cannot be restored even with the use of a crown. Your dentist will then suggest removal of the non-restorable tooth and techniques to preserve the bony socket, and thus the shape of the jawbone.

Many people need to have teeth replaced as a result of decay, abscesses, fractures, or advanced periodontal disease. Replacing missing teeth — even the ones in back — is important to help restore chewing ability as well as preserve the facial contours and re-establish a pleasing smile. A major reason for replacement is to prevent neighboring teeth from drifting into the space left by the missing tooth.

Our top Brambleton dentist is available to discuss your interest in dental crown and bridge placement. Contact ustoday to learn more and to schedule your comfortable and convenient appointment.