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Loudoun Family Dental Provides Family Dentistry in Ashburn and Brambleton Areas

The absolute best way to preserve your dental health is to maintain a sensible oral hygiene regimen. In addition to daily flossing and brushing, this includes regular dental examinations, professional cleanings, and X-rays when necessary. At Loudoun Family Dental, we are dedicated to keeping you on a routine preventive schedule to maintain your beautiful smile!

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What We Do During a Dental Cleaning

Our standard cleaning procedure involves removing tartar and plaque above and below your gum line. After removing these bacteria build-ups, we also polish your teeth and apply fluoride topically. We then use this as an opportunity to check for dental problems such as cavity development, evidence of gum disease, and possible signs of oral cancer.

If gum disease is discovered, we may recommend a deep gum cleaning to eliminate bacteria deep below the gum line. A local anesthetic is administered with this as well, so you will feel no pain.

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