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10 Dental Myths and Facts You Will Sink Your Teeth Into

You’ve heard them all before: candy will make your teeth rot, crunchy foods help scrape away plaque, and chewing gum is bad for your whole mouth. But are these toothy ‘tall-tales’ really true? Look no further, as your family dental office in Ashburn debunks these common myths, brushing aside fiction from the facts.


1. Sugar Causes Teeth to Decay.

MYTH: Though it is not wonderful for your health, sugar is not the main cause of tooth decay. Other carbohydrates such as some fruits, grains, and vegetables can also form plaque; however, these foods contain other benefits for your overall health. Sugar in moderation combined with regular brushing should not cause severe oral hygiene problems. Acids from natural bacteria are the main source of tooth decay.

2. Exposure to Cold Temperatures, Such as Chewing Ice Cubes, Will Crack Your Teeth.

MYTH: Small temperature changes will not crack your teeth; however, extreme temperatures can lead to cracking. Down the road, cracking is simply unavoidable. Adult teeth do have small cracks here and there due to aging. Our restorative dentistry will help keep your teeth strong even after breaking.

3. Coffee and Soda Stain Your Teeth.

FACT: Coffee and dark-colored soda can stain your teeth. Each tooth contains tiny pits, which hold food and drink particles, causing stains. To combat staining, rinse your mouth with water after every meal and use a whitening toothpaste. A professional teeth whitening from Loudoun Family Dental is one way to reverse these stains.

4. Chewing Gum Is Bad for Your Teeth.

MYTH: It depends on the gum. Sugar-free is best, riding plaque bacteria acid. Chewing also produces 10x more saliva, which washes away food particles. Look for gum with xylitol, an ingredient that makes bacteria less-sticky, slowing the cavity-producing process.

5. Water Helps Wash Away Sugar and Acid.

FACT: Similar to our own saliva, water contains fluoride, a mineral found in toothpaste and some mouthwashes. Fluoride protects against tooth erosion, meaning drinking water after or while eating will help keep your teeth clean.

6. Dairy Products Strengthen Tooth Enamel.

FACT: Rich in calcium, dairy products help strengthen tooth enamel, as well as our bones. Casein, a type of protein in cheese, also preserves and repairs enamel.

7. Candy Is the Absolute Worst for Your Teeth.

MYTH: Yes, candy is bad for your teeth; however, snack foods, like chips and crackers, are far worse. High in sugar, they stick to your teeth, making it harder for saliva and water to wash it away. Candy and snack foods should only be eaten in moderation to prevent damage to your teeth. Our family dentistry will help your children keep their teeth healthy.

8. Crispy Fruits and Veggies Help Scrub Your Teeth.

FACT: Crispy and crunchy healthy foods, like carrots and apples, freshen breath and clean plaque from your teeth. There’s also the added bonus of these foods already great for your overall health.

9. Smokeless Tobacco Won’t Have the Same Effect as Cigarettes or Cigars.

MYTH: Smokeless tobacco, or chewing tobacco, is still tobacco. Your entire mouth will suffer from these side effects: discoloration of teeth, higher risk of cavities, oral cancer, gum disease, erosion, decay…the list goes on. Bottom line: DON’T use tobacco.

10. All Types of Fruit Berries Stain Your Teeth.

FACT: Even though berries are full of nourishing antioxidants, they also contain chromogens, which are active stain-causing agents. Important to remember: whatever will stain your clothes will most likely stain your teeth.

Preventive action is the best solution for keeping your pearly whites sparkling. Knowing which foods and substances to avoid is just the first step in keeping your mouth healthy. Loudoun Family Dental offers affordable remedies in turning back the clock on your teeth. Our smile-restoration technology, paired with friendly service, makes for a relaxing and positive dental experience.