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New Dental Patients Welcome in the Ashburn Area

There are many reasons you may need to find a new dentist. You could be moving to a new city far away from your hometown dentist or changing insurance plans and losing dental coverage. No matter your reason for needing to find a new dentist office in Ashburn, Loudoun Family Dental is your solution. We welcome new patients to schedule an appointment for preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures.

Dentist showing teeth sample

Learn how to pick a new dentist by following these steps:

  • Find a Dental Clinic Which Covers All Your Needs
  • Review Testimonials from Current Patients
  • Remember Location Matters
  • Look for Dentistry Financing Services

Find a Dental Clinic Which Covers All Your Needs

Dental exams and cleanings twice a year are the basis of preventative services offered by dentists. But what if you need more? You’ll want a dentist who goes beyond the bare minimum. At Loudoun Family Dental in Ashburn, we have more than just preventive care, we offer cosmetic and restorative dentistry services. Whether you want your teeth whitened or need a full set of dentures, our dentists have you covered.

If you have children, taking them to a different dentist is a hassle. Rather than find a separate office, bring them to our family dentistry center. Our team has experience with pediatric dentistry services from toddlers to teens. You can have your whole family get their cleanings and checkups in the same day, saving you multiple appointments and trips!

Review Testimonials from Current Patients

One easy way to find out about a dentist’s office is to read their reviews. You’ll have the chance to hear what real patients think about the dentists, the staff, and the offices before you even step foot in the door. Testimonials from our Ashburn patients show how much we go above and beyond in our care.

You should also ask friends and family in the area where they go for their dentistry needs.

Remember Location Matters

You don’t want to travel too far to visit your dentist, especially if you will require multiple visits for treatment. If your dentist appointment is located very far away, you may have to miss a whole day of work just to accommodate the commute. Picking a dentist near your new home or work will make it easier to get to your appointments in a timely manner. Our office is easily accessible from all parts of Ashburn, Brambleton, and Broadlands.

Look for Dentistry Financing Services

Finally, you want to be sure you can afford your new dentist. Restorative and cosmetic dentistry can quickly become expensive, especially if you do not have dental insurance. Fortunately, Loudoun Family Dental has many dental financing plans for our patients.

We accept most insurance providers along with cash, personal check, CareCredit, and major credit cards. Our staff will help you find a way to afford the dentistry services you need. If you do not have insurance, you may be eligible for pre-payment discounts and we have new patient offers to help you get started.

Ready to get a new dentist? Reach out to Loudoun Family Dental now.