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A lady and girl smiling

The first thing a good dentist recommends is not any medicine or toothbrush but Flossing. Developing a good flossing habit is one of the best thing you can do to your teeth. Flossing makes your gums healthy by removing plaque from your teeth where toothbrush can’t reach. It is highly recommended that you floss once every day before you go to bed, and even better if you can floss after every meal. Plaque is harmful to your teeth and it is very important to remove all of it when you can. Further scheduling a dentist appointment every six months is a great way to make sure that your teeth stay as healthy as possible.

Brushing your teeth is very important but it is only half the battle won! When one brushes one cleans the front and the back of ones teeth. It is even more important that you clean the space in between your teeth as well, since that is where most of the plaque buildup occurs. If you don’t remove this plaque in a timely manner it will colonize there and will change the overall chemistry of your mouth. Over a period of time this will cause infections and will make your gums week, resulting in further decay and bone loss.

One only has one set of teeth in one’s lifetime and it is very important that we take care of this part of our body. This not only helps us have a healthy diet but also boasts our personality by having a bright and shiny health smile. The best way to keep this bright and shiny is to call Loudoun Family Dental and schedule your next appointment. Dr Sidhu, will give you all the important tips and suggestions on the best ways to floss and brush your teeth. Always remember to floss every day, better if after every meal, and also follow some other nice tips when you come and see Dr Sidhu. You will be on to your healthy , beautiful and bright smile in no time. Call Loudoun Family Dental at 703-596-9221 for a brighter smile.

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