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A Healthy Mouth Keeps Your Body Healthy

Family smiling

Oral health is very important for the overall health and confidence of my patients. That’s why I take pride in informing my patients on a variety of subjects that are very important for the well-being of their Oral Health. At Loudoun Family Dental my philosophy is that prevention is better than cure and the better prepared we are the better we will take care of our teeth, resulting in a shiny beautiful smile. There are some “VIPs,” or “very important points,” that I want to make sure everyone who visits my dental office in Ashburn understands, learns, and follows.

A Healthy Mouth Keeps Your Body Healthy

For a healthy body it is very important that you have a healthy mouth. On the contrary, if you have dental problems and disease, your body will suffer overall. In the latest study published by American Dental Association ( ADA), Gum disease is directly linked to your overall health. The study found that gum disease not only cause tooth loss but is also linked to heart disease, strokes, dementia, and a whole lot more. If diagnosed early, gum disease can be treated and reversed. Visiting our office, Loudoun Family Dental regularly is the best way to prevent gum disease and protect your mouth, and your body.

Gums Should Never Bleed

Healthy gums are the key to a health mouth. Some people believe that it is okay for gums to bleed while brushing. This is wrong. Healthy gums never bleed unless there is an injury in the mouth. While brushing and flossing if you notice some bleeding, this I the sign your mouth is giving you that there is something wrong. I recommend that you immediately make an appointment with our office and get it checked. If during the exam we find out that there is no gum disease that means you have inadequate hygiene routine. I will advise you the best course of action at that point as it is important to address this issue in the beginning and prevent gum disease. I want you to have a healthy bright smile and for that health of gums is very important. Research has shown that if you don’t address the gums bleeding right in 24-36 hours it can result in a gum disease quickly.

All Looks Good, Nothing Feels Wrong, Why Should I See a Dentist, Correct?

Absolutely not, it’s a very common perception that if you feel good and your teeth don’t hurt you can skip your dental appointment. This is wrong as there are so many problems that you can’t feel or relate to in your mouth. A number of oral health problems don’t hurt or show symptoms but are very serious in nature. One danger that could be lurking in your mouth without you even knowing it is oral cancer. As per American Dental Association (ADA) study, every hour of every day, one person in the U.S. dies from it. While this is a scary fact, if it’s caught early, it’s easily treatable. This is one reason, of many, that regularly scheduled checkups at Loudoun Family Dental office is so important. That is also why all of the Insured patients have the two visits per year covered by their dental plans.

I have just touched on few important topics in this blog and will love to go over your mouth specific topics on your next visit to our office. I am dedicated to the health of your mouth as I believe good oral health leads to overall healthy living. To top this you will carry a beautiful, brighter smile after your cleanings and that too in no time. Call Loudoun Family Dental at 703-596-9221 for a brighter smile.

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