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Our Dentist in Ashburn Helps You Understand Why This May Be Necessary.

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All dentists, whether generalists or specialists, have a primary responsibility to hold their patients’ best interests at heart, which means treating to the standard of care set by the profession. General dentists are the primary oral health gatekeepers. They generally see people first, evaluate their oral and dental health needs, and then treat or refer for specialty care depending on the conditions they assess and diagnose. Some patients present with the need for periodontal or other specialty care. General dentists have differing levels of expertise, post-graduate training, and comfort levels treating more complicated, advanced dental conditions. For this reason, most general dentists have relationships with specialists in their communities, in whom they have confidence, trust, and feel comfortable referring their patients to for treatment.

The relationship you have with your general dentist together with your treatment history, are important pieces of information that when communicated to a specialist can have a significant bearing on your care. An introductory referral report from your dentist, or a personal call following the transfer of records, e.g. x-rays, will give the periodontist an overview of your case. It should also provide information about the stage of development, treatment to date, and whether or not your disease is arrested or progressive, all of which can facilitate your treatment.

You may also be referred for specific types of treatment; a decision you really should make with your general dentist. For example, if you have a tooth which is broken to the gum line, you might need a crown lengthening surgery to expose enough tooth structure beneath the gum tissue to secure a crown. This is a typical surgical procedure that periodontists perform. By discussing and then making a decision with your dentist, you are best equipped to obtain your goals.

Another issue that shouldn’t be overlooked is the concern that may arise with seeing a new doctor. Your first visit will give the dental specialist the ability to compare the information received with his or her own assessment of your condition, as well as give you the opportunity to meet and ask questions. In the end, you should always feel cared for and that your dental health is a priority. The specialist in turn will communicate his or her findings and recommendations back to your general dentist for the two of you to review, discuss, and approve.

The relationship between a general dentist and a dental specialist, such as a periodontist, oral surgeon, or pediatric dentist is a close-knit bond in which the doctors work together to provide you with optimal treatment. The close working relationship between your general dentist and your dental specialist should give you confidence.

While your Ashburn dentist at Loudoun Family Dental is well-equipped all dental emergencies, we do have a dedicated and talented network of dental specialists who we may refer to under special circumstances.  If you have a dental emergency or are in need of routine care, we encourage you to contact us today!